The Pirates Pitching is just bad.

The Pirates pitching isn’t just bad its horrific. A starting rotation that has a combined ERA of 8.16. The bullpen looks like they should be pitching  in a coach-pitch league. Look I’m not saying we should hit the panic button right now, but it definitely wouldn’t be a bad idea to take the cover off the button.

The Pirates “ace” has an ERA of 6.55. WHAT?! Gerrit Cole, a former Cy Young candidate having an ERA of 6.55 is absolutely terrible. After having two mediocre starts we hope he can bounce back and be the ace we need. Although Cole shouldn’t hang his head to low because he still is going home with his absolute smoke of a wife Amy Crawford. Image result for amy crawford brandon crawford's sister  Hey Amy, Sup.

As for the rest of the rotation,  just be better. Jameson Taillon has given the “bucs” two good starts posting a 1.38 ERA in his first two starts. This kid is going to be a freak this coming season, I’ll be watching out for big things from him as the year progresses. Ivan Nova has also had some quality starts posting a 2.25 ERA so far. Chad Kuhl has had an average start as well. All in all an average start to this season so far for these guys.

Filling the fifth spot in the rotation this season is Tyler Glasnow. Sticking mainly to his fastball in his first start against the Reds earlier this week, the young pitcher was far from good. Four hits, five walks, five earned runs, and one strike out. The effort resulted in an early night for the rookie and a 7-1 loss to Cincinnati. I think Glasnow is going to come back from this and we will see the Glasnow that we all were expecting as the season continues.

Yeah it may be too early to judge this group, but it’s what I do. Nobody wants to see the starting five pull these kinds of numbers. All we can hope for is that Cole and Glasnow can swing back into form and as for the rest of the rotation will just clean it up a bit.

Final thoughts: Don’t jump ship just yet, let the starters get settled in, and if we are still having this conversation in a few weeks then my hand will be the first hand on that button!


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