Owen Who? Owen Two #PensIn4


0-2 is the summary of the Blue Jackets failure to launch in PGH.

Once again, the Penguins asserted their dominance over the jagoffs from Columbus. To the surprise of no one, the Jackets did their best to try in get the Pens’ heads, but reaped no bounties for their efforts as emphasized by the sarcastic smile of Mr. Ian Cole.

As I stated in my last post, the Pens needed to put pressure on Bob more than other guy on the ice. When they were able to get pucks to the net on, good things happened.

For game 3, I expect the Jackets to make some changes defensively but still continue their stupidity when frustrated. Which leads to Calvert’s late cross check. This was a blatant intent to injure and is disrespectful to the game of hockey. I hope he has played his last game of the season. Was it worth it Calvert?

Changes I expect in game 3:

  • Jackets’ breakout will likely be adapted to counter the pressure the Pens are placing on defensemen to make decisions.
  • Physicality will be at the forefront of the Jackets’ game plan to stick to the only thing they can do.
  • For the Pens, I expect more of the same. Fast breakouts to beat the Jackets pinching D-Men and create odd-man breaks.

#LGP #PensIn4

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