Grayson Allen Will Be Back for the Blue Devils For His Senior Year

Grayson Allen is back and I’m not sure if I love or hate this move.

Allen is easily my favorite player in college basketball, he will pass on the NBA Draft and return to Duke for his senior year. This seems like a trend for Allen being that he passed on a potential first rounder in 2016 to return to Duke. After an injury plagued in the first half of the season and decline in production, Allen’s draft stock began to slip, leaving some to speculate if he made the right choice.

Oh yeah, and he was suspended one game for “alleged” serial tripping. Also loosing his fucking mind probably didn’t help matters much.

P.S. I love the tripping. I will always root for a shit starter. Add in a little intent to injure and I’m hooked.

Allen seemed to pick his game up as the season progressed but was never able to get back to where he had left off. Finishing the season with a FG% of .395 compared to .466 the previous season, as well as a 3P% of .365 to his .417 the year before. Allen also completed the year with a total of three tripped players.  Oops! I don’t know how that got in there, don’t pay attention to that stat, fake news.

Allen fell to a mid second round pick for the upcoming draft, which leads me to believe he is going back to try and pick up his draft stock. The way the guard position is looking for the draft it might be a good move by Allen. With Lanzo Ball (and his dad), Markelle Fultz, and Kentucky’s finest Malik Monk and De’Aron Fox; Allen would have been overshadowed by this draft class especially with last seasons performance in the heads of all NBA GM’s

On the other hand, TAKE THE MONEY GRAYSON!!! You never know what kind of injury is lurking around the corner to end the season. I say, take the risk fulfill your dream of playing in the NBA and go to school in the off season. The NBA needs a lovable villain. Maybe trip up LeBron, I’d be fine with that.

Anyway I hope his stock rises, the kid is an absolute freak he deserves it.

Go Blue Devils!

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